Chalbi Desert


Kenya is best known for its abundant wildlife, rolling hills and traditional cultures. With this comes the famous safari and hospitality from the many communities. The coast is also known for its long stretching sandy beaches and Swahili culture amidst many a world heritage site. A new era in Kenyan travel however awakes. Desert trailing.

The Chalbi desert in the central northern area of Kenya is a mystery in itself. During the rainy season the area is impassable as it is a massive body of water. The hot season however ushers in a new scenery of desert landscape. Sand dunes fill the horizon and camels ensure travel across the desert in times of need.

The communities in the area are mainly nomadic. Travelling through the desert is both an adventure and memorable experience. This is done on camel back but one can also hire a 4x4 to go through this terrain that is suitable for the more hardy of tourists. Guided by Maasai warriors, the desert safari is nothing short of a mind-blowing experience!