Mt. Elgon


Mount Elgon, whose peak on the Kenya-Uganda border rises to 4,320 m, represents the remains of a once powerful volcano. There is no permanent snow on Mount Elgon, but the high altitude peaks characterised by afro-alpine vegetation is susceptible to frost. Giant lobelia and groundsel grow year at higher altitudes and have adapted to the bleak and cold high-altitude climate, outlasting flowers found in the moorlands at the same altitudes.

Descending to the base of the mountain, montane forest, heath and bamboo prevail, and lower-altitude animals, such as buffalo and elephant are in abundance. The Mount Elgon National Park extends from the peak down to the heavily cultivated lands of the Luyha people.

Perhaps the most interesting aspects of the Park are the Makingeny and Kitum caves, where elephants wander deep into their darkness to lick salt from the cave walls. The distinctive cliffs of Endebess Bluff dominate a good section of the park and Elephant Lookout offers excellent scenery toward the distant Cherengani Mountains. Mount Elgon National Park offers everything to the visitor, from beautiful vistas and exciting hiking trails along with superb flora and fauna.