North Coast


The north coast, reached by crossing Nyali Bridge, offers beautiful beaches and a number of other interesting places worth a visit. Bamburi Farm has a nature trail, nursery, fish farm and crocodile farm. The Kipepee Aquarium is opposite the Nature Trail. Mamba Village, another crocodile farm, has the added attractions of camel rides and a good restaurant. Not far from our house in Nyali, Mamba Village was also the source of stories about people finding large escaped crocs in the middle of the road and the workers and police who would gather and try to move them back. Nyali also contains one of the best restaurants in Kenya -- the Tamarind. The restaurant, looking out over the creek and Nyali Bridge, offers good food, service, and beautiful scenery.

North coast also offers some beautiful beaches. Nyali Beach, in particular, is a gorgeous sweep of fine white sand and clear water. There are some pretty coral gardens inside the reef, which are easily visible from shore and can be reached by snorkelling if you have the time and are in shape. Several of the hotels on the beach have windsurfing equipment and catamarans available at a price. You can also take a ride to the reef in a glass-bottom boat, allowing those who don't want to get wet to see some marine life and providing a snorkelling platform for the rest. You can also hire one of the local outriggers to take you out. Their "captains" are friendly and willing guides and it gives you more flexibility than the scheduled hotel boats.

Moving farther north, you can visit the Kenya Marine land and watch sharks being fed in the underwater viewing tank. Jumba, fifteenth century ruins of a Swahili village, is also up this way. Still farther north is Malindi with the beautiful Malindi and Watumu Marine Parks