Rusinga Island


Indulge yourself in a time of island enchantment and relaxation. Rusinga Island has an interesting history as the birthplace of the late Tom Mboya a prominent minister in the first free Kenyan government. He was shot dead by police during the political unrest of 1969. It is in this same island that Mary Leakey, of the proclaimed Leakey family, found the fossils and skull of ‘proconsul Africanus'. This anthropoid ape lived on the island three million years ago.

The nearby Ruma National Park is a gem, one of the least visited National Parks of Kenya and home to the rare Oribi & Bohor`s reedbuck with the last remaining population of roan antelope in Kenya. Over 100 species of bird have been recorded around the island and other residents include hippos, giant monitor lizards and spotted neck otters.

Other activities include water skiing, windsurfing, visiting nearby fishing villages and exploring this remote and beautiful lake. The lakeside location and water sports make this a wonderful location for children.

Rusinga Island Lodge is the most delightful refuge in which to while away some relaxation time, without the pressure of going on a game drive. Imaginatively designed, this small luxurious lodge on the shores of the lake Victoria offers excellent standards of comfort and personal service. Lawn and ancient trees home surround the thatched cottages and traditional tents to the magnificent fish eagle whose call is a sound that will stay with you forever!

Take a boat trip to Bird Island where thousands of water birds roost. Giant monitor lizards and spotted necked otters are often seen on the rocks around the islands. Fish eagles soar overhead and swoop down beside the boat to catch fish thrown out by your captain! The Luo fishermen catch fish along the shores in their colourful dhows; only sail and paddle are used here. The people are friendly and you are welcome to visit a village where the night's catch is set out to dry in the sun and larger fish are smoked.