Samburu National Park


Samburu National Reserve lies north of Nairobi, adjoining with Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserve. The lifeline of these three sanctuaries, the palm fringed Uaso Nyiro River, attracts vast and varied herds of game, abundant bird life and crocodile infested waters. Samburu National Reserve has an endless pageant of wildlife with frequent nocturnal visits from the leopard family right from your lodge’s main gate. Samburu National Reserve has excellent game spots for reticulate giraffe, the unusual Beisa Oryx with its lovely long straight horns, gleaming black and white coat impala, blue legged Somali ostrich, waterbuck, Grant's gazelles, dik dik, duiker, olive baboons, gerenuks, llions, spotted and striped hyenas. The higher hills at the south end of Samburu National Reserve offers lovely views of the Uaso Nyiro River. Crocodiles at this river hibernate during the dry seasons when the river dies up. They are quite a few luxury lodges, and spacious tented camps. The famous Samburu Game Lodge and its crocodile bar offers the chance to get within kissing distance of these man eaters, with only a foot high fence keeping them from nibbling on one's toes. These crocodiles exceed six meters (20 ft) from snout to tail. Our customer's favourite choice is Samburu Serena Lodge and Samburu Intrepids.