Soysambu Wildlife Sanctuary


Great Rift Valley, the world's largest fault, is 2,500 feet deep, 30 kilometres wide and some 2,500 kilometres long. It is home to a chain of fascinating lakes, millions of Flamingos and other birdlife. On the shoreline of the alkaline Lake Elementaita, is the 16,000-acre Soysambu Wildlife Sanctuary, which is reserved exclusively for the Delamere family and the few guests of Delamere's Camp.

From Aardvarks to Gorillas, Soysambu is one of the few places in Kenya where one has the opportunity to stalk wild game animals on foot. You can experience silent and still vigils in strategically placed game blinds offering views of truly undisturbed birdlife. 
The unrivalled opportunities for night-time game drives, offer viewing of nocturnal wildlife rarely seen by those other visitors restricted to the national parks and reserves. An optional night, sleeping out in the solitude of the "Chui" blind, a four bed, (en-suite) "tree house" overlooking a small waterhole deep within the sanctuary is yet another exciting activity uniquely available at Soysambu.

Resident naturalists form a great team of driver/guides and trackers each with their own varied and in-depth knowledge. Their interpretative skills will open your eyes to the disappearing Africa. They encourage an appreciation for the lesser known mammals, insects, reptiles and birds of East Africa - not to mention a fascinating insight into the traditional uses of many of Kenya's native plants. Sharing their love for Africa, and extensive knowledge of the wildlife with you will make your visit to Soysambu a safari within a safari, an unforgettable wildlife experience, an education that will stay with you for many years to come. You are welcome, to walk, whisper, wait, watch and wonder