Wasini Island


Only five kilometres long and one across, Wasini is a great place to escape into. Heavily wooded with no cars, roads or running water, you have guaranteed peace here. It takes a couple of hours to stroll around the island on narrow footpaths and en route you will come across Muslim ruins, local women and men at work in the sun, and coral gardens which you can walk through - rather like snorkelling on land. Occasionally during spring tides, these gardens are claimed back by the sea when the tides rush in. Wasini Restaurant runs a regular boat service between Shimoni and the island

Located in the coral gardens about 1 kilometre south of Wasini Island - the area encompasses four small, arid coral islands with fringing reefs and surrounding sand. The area surrounding Wasini Island has been declared Wasini Marine National Park. This Marine National Park is said to provide the best goggling on the East African Coast. 
The Island was also used during World War I, as a firing range and one can still find some scrap metal from this time.