Loita Hills



The Loita Hills are one of Kenya's last remaining 'true wilderness' areas. There are no roads, tracks or footpaths, and the likelihood of our seeing anyone else on the trek is remote. Indeed the only other companions will be the wild game that inhabits the grasslands and montane forests of this remote region. Where appropriate, you can walk along game trails and in the late afternoons may move from the ridge tops, down into the valley in search of suitable campsites.

At some point you can enter the "mist forests" of the central area. These forests are sustained by the ability of the trees, bushes, lichens and mosses to extract moisture from the clouds that cloak the whole region most mornings. Underfoot the ground is moist and springy with slowly decaying vegetation, whilst above us, the forest trees provide a haven for monkeys, turaco and other forest birds seen but seldom elsewhere.

Of the forest mammals, the most conspicuous will be the beautiful black and white Colobus monkeys, but troops of Sykes and Vervet monkey will add their alarm cries to those of the Crowned Eagles, and other birds which fly within the forest. With luck, you may encounter those silent giants of Africa - the Elephant, but more probably the only evidence of their presence will be their spoor and droppings together with those of Buffalo, forest Antelope, and more rarely, Lion, Leopard and Hyena.