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From the times of the late American president Theodore Roosevelt’s trophy hunting safaris in the East African wild, the word safari has come to mean travel and adventure in the African lands. The stereo typed idea revolves around adventure through the African bush with encounters of the famous big five, all this in the close eye guidance of the Maasai or some other ‘cannibal’ remote tribe of the wild.

Kenya, however, has maintained the pole position as the original safari land, a country of mass wonders, excitement, cultures and wildlife. From the blue waters and white sandy beaches of the coast through the man eating lion plains of the Tsavo, the metropolitan energy bursting city of Nairobi and the lands of the world famous ‘herd of God’ migration, Kenya is a country similar to no other.

With a wildlife population of colossal numbers, a visit to any of the parks will not only promise the sighting of most, or at times all, of Africa’s big five but may also have an adventure or two in store for you. There is everything for everyone in Kenya. From ornithologist paradises, sunbath beaches, wild adventure savannah lands, mountain climbing, trekking to the cultural tourist, the country has a wealth of tourist activities.

The history of the Kenyan safari is surely something ‘out of this world’. These are amongst some of the many characteristics that made Kenya the choice destination to many worldwide visitors. Kenya, the original land of the safari!


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